Survey 2011 - 15 Years Old

In 2011 the young people were considered to be the primary respondents of DALSC.

Danish survey

In the first part of 2011 interviewers from SFI Survey carried out face-to-faced interviews with the young people by visiting them in the home. Yet, the mothers were still an important source of information for the survey, and they filled out a self-completed questionnaire, while their child was interviewed. The fathers did not participate in the 2011 wave.

Web-survey about education

A few months after this data collection the young people and their mothers were invited to participate in small web-survey. As many of the young people were about to complete basic school, this survey focused on their educational experiences and plans for the future. The survey was carried out in May 2011 and repeated one year later, in 2012.

The questionnaires to the young people and the mothers are part of the research data at Statistics Denmark (released to CSSR September 2013).

Project documents

See questionnaire to mothers.

See questionnaire to the children. Some children answered their questionnaire over the internet while others answered a CAPI version. The two resulting datasets are set into one for research purposes but distribution of answers is not available here.

See (in Danish) letter of introduction.

See (in Danish)instruction to interviewers.

Project proposal is not available.

Ethnic minority survey

The Survey among the sample of young people with ethnic minority background was not carried out in 2011.

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