Survey 2007 - 11 Years Old

In 2007 there was a questionnaire to the children, for the first time.

Danish survey

Although the children were heard for the first time in 2007, the parents were still important respondents. In 2007, the survey used questionnaires to both mothers and fathers. As in previous waves the mother's were the primary respondents and their answers were recorded by interviewers from SFI Survey.

Diary of sports activities

Approximately 300 children were given a supplementary questionnaire called the "diary of sports activities". Further more, the children's cognitive skills were tested with a language test and a cognitive test (CHIPS) making the 2007 data collection the most comprehensive in DALSC so far.

Project documents

The questionnaires to both mothers, fathers and children (except the diary of sports activities) are part of the research data at Statistics Denmark.

See questionnaire to mothers. See distribution of answers. (Note: the project number in the questionaire is 8910; the one used in the distribution of answers  is US1855.)

See questionnaire to fathers. See distribution of answers. (Note: the project number in the questionaire is 8910-2; the one used in the distribution of answers is US1855.)

See questionnaire to the children. Some children answered their questionnaire over the internet while others answered a CAPI version. The two resulting datasets are set into one for research purposes but distribution of answers is not avaliable here.  

See diary of sports activities.

See (in Danish) letter of introduction.

See (in Danish) instruction to interviewers.

Project proposal is not available.

It is not possible to show the language test and the CHIPS test here.

Ethnic minority survey

The ethnic survey used questionnaires to the mothers and the children only. There was no father questionnaire or sports diary and the ethnic children were not tested with the language test and the CHIPS test.

The questionnaires are part of the research data at Statistics Denmark.

Beginning in 2007, all material used in the ethnic survey is identical to (or is a subset of) the material used in the Danish survey. This means that no separate documentation is required for the ethnic survey.

A distribution of answers is not available.

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