About the research

The Danish Longitudinal Survey of Children (DALSC) was initiated in 1995. It consists of three surveys.

Danish survey

A survey of 6,000 children randomly sampled among all children living in Denmark who were born between September 15 and October 31, 1995, by mothers with Danish citizenship (regardless of their country of origin). This survey is also referred to as 'the Danish Survey'.

Ethnic minority survey

A survey of 611 children living in Denmark, who were born in Denmark between April 1 and December 31, 1995, by mothers with non-Danish citizenship. The mothers had been living in Denmark for at least three years. Specifically, this sample contains all children of mothers with citizenship in Ex-Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Somalia and a randomly drawn sample of children of mothers with Turkish citizenship. In 2007 the sample was expanded with children of lebanese origin. This survey is also referred to as ‘the ethnic survey’.

Children in care survey

A survey of all children born in 1995 who are, or at one time have been, placed in care environments, e.g. foster homes or residential institutions. The survey of children in care environments, which is called Children in Care – a Danish longitudinal Study (CiC), began in 2003, with approximately 600 children. CiC grows over time as children are placed in care.

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